What Food Is Bad for Your Teeth? Food that Can Damage Your Teeth


In this article we will be looking at foods that you should generally avoid, if you want to have healthier, stronger teeth for the rest of your adult life.

Hard Candies

Hard candies are made to attract children’s attention and seem mostly harmless, but they are actually your teeth’s biggest enemy. This is so, because each candy is made of sugar and sugar is the main culprit for tooth decay and cavities.

If you want to keep your teeth in good shape, stay away from these treats. Sugarless gum is a better and much safer alternative, if you necessarily have to chew something.

Ice Cube

No, I don’t mean the rapper, unless you really piss him off! I mean frozen water. Crazy as it may sound, some people actually enjoy sucking or even chewing ice cubes!

Not only do they risk teeth problems caused by the extremely low temperature to which the enamel is exposed, but they may also break or chip a tooth and find themselves in dental emergency that can cost them thousands of dollars.


Citrus fruit is full of vitamins and minerals that are an essential supplement of one’s diet. Yet, the acid they contain can seriously compromise your teeth’s surface.

Oranges are less sour than limes and lemons, but the sugar they are full of may again damage your teeth. To not overindulge in citrus fruit!

Coffee & Strong Tea

These drinks pose a certain risk to your teeth’s health, mainly because they usually go with a coffee spoon or two of sugar.

Even if you drink your coffee or tea without any additives, the tannins in it can seriously stain your teeth. Professional teeth whitening is usually quite costly and it can sometimes compromise the enamel.

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