How Long After Wisdom Teeth Can You Eat Solid Food?

There is no a straightforward answer to this question. It depends on the roots of your wisdom teeth and the skills of the surgeon that removed them. Upper Wisdom Teeth Come Out More Easily My personal experience with wisdom teeth shows that the ones on your upper jaw come out much more easily than those on your mandibula. When I had mine upper wisdom teeth removed some years ago, the


Top 10 Foods That Prevent Tooth Decay

10. Garlic This natural antibiotic has long been known for its beneficial effects on the human body. Recent research has revealed that it can actually prevent tooth decay thanks to a chemical called allicin that it contains. 9. Parsley Because of its antibacterial properties, parsley is very good for your oral hygiene. High oral hygiene significantly lowers the risk of tooth decay. 8. Chicken Drumsticks That’s some good news for


What Food Is Bad for Your Teeth? Food that Can Damage Your Teeth

In this article we will be looking at foods that you should generally avoid, if you want to have healthier, stronger teeth for the rest of your adult life. Hard Candies Hard candies are made to attract children’s attention and seem mostly harmless, but they are actually your teeth’s biggest enemy. This is so, because each candy is made of sugar and sugar is the main culprit for tooth decay