I Broke My Tooth! How to Find an Emergency Dentist Fast in Denver


There could be nothing more annoying than breaking a tooth – and often it’s in the silliest of situations! In many cases, a broken tooth is the sign of more significant problems, but it can also occur due to an accident or injury. If you don’t have a regular dentist, or they can’t see you at short notice, here are some ways you can track down Denver emergency dentistsand fast!

Ask Friends and Family

Friends and family support you when you’re at your best, but also when you’re at your worst. When you break a tooth, you’re surely almost at your worst! When you calm down and take stock of the situation, phone a friend or family member. Find out if they know Denver emergency dentists, or whether they would recommend any. You never know, they may have connections and can pull a few strings to get you in at a moment’s notice!

Look Online

You may not always be in the right place at the right time, being able to spot a Denver emergency dentist in person right when you need it. Therefore, you may have better luck to look for one online. Type in “Denver emergency dentists” and see what comes up. If you are not familiar with the Denver area, you can also use GPS services on your phone to determine which is the closest. Once you locate a few, ring them to find out who can see you now.

Walk In

If you find yourself in proximity to general dentist offices in Denver, there’s no harm in walking in to see if they have any slots free. If you have a broken tooth and any injuries, you never know, a dentist might take pity and take you in immediately! Don’t try this method for too long, however, as it’s more time you have to spend in pain if you don’t have any luck!

Visit a Hospital

For serious dental emergencies, you may need more than a dentist. Instead, you might need to go to a hospital! If you have a possible jaw fracture or dislocation, facial or mouth lacerations, severe abscesses or infections, or dental problems that impact your breathing, bypass Denver emergency dentists and head straight to a hospital’s emergency room. Essentially, any dental problem that will immediately affect your overall health is reason enough to see a doctor as opposed to a dentist.

It’s an unfortunate situation to find yourself in – stuck in a big city with a broken tooth. Fortunately, there are many methods for finding some of the many Denver emergency dentists close by. Try out these above!